Pastors Sitting On A Keg Of Gun Powder

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In the last five months church growth has really been a great  concern to me. I have had so many thoughts with questions  running through my mind. The state of the church today calls for attention. Everyone called into ministry needs to carefully look into the church of today and find out where we missed it. It is also important that each minister of the Gospel check what he or she is building on the foundation which the Apostle laid. We must note that the state of the church today is all our fault. We, the minister of the Gospel all have a part we played in bringing the church to this state. And if the church must become what Jesus desires, we all have a part to play.

The State Of The Church

The state of the church today is a bit complex. An article is not enough to x-ray the reality of the church but I will like to  draw your attention to one major fact. If you study the book of Acts, you will notice that as the church grew, the church had more power. The power gave the church identity and reference.

Today, there seems to be increase in number of church attendance but there is no corresponding increase in power and reference. If we are doing church growth right, we ought to get the same result. Since our result is different, we are definitely not doing things right. Today, church seem to be powerless and unable to cause a change. Where do we go from here?

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Shepherd’s Share Of The Blame

As I stated earlier, the state of the church today is our fault. We all hear different news on what Pastors and members are doing. Pastors are doing anything just to get their local assembly full. How are we going to scale through the judgment if we are not meeting up God’s standard. Pastors need to know that God is interested in both the process and the results. Even though their is result in quantity of church membership but God is more interested in the quality.

We must remember that it is only quality church that can suit God’s purpose. Those are the only people that can even make heaven. So, what is the essence of having lots of people in the church when they neither know God nor God aware of their salvation. I really don’t understand how Pastors can be comfortable leading a church that doesn’t know God that they serve. Maybe we should ask how many Pastors even know God. If you are called to Pastoral ministry, first go on a search for God and seek to know Him more than you know money. If you’re one of such Pastors who is yet to find God for himself, you are part of the problem the church is facing today.

How can you who do not know God yet lead people to know Him? It is absolutely impossible. You’re sitting on a keg of gun powder. If Christ comes now or if God calls you home now, what will your ministry score sheet be? Before the keg of gun powder explodes, check yourself now. Make amends where necessary.

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