5 People To Network With For Jobs

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The current job search niche has taken a new turn. Rules have changed and therefore activities must change. If you are going by the old rule, you may have seen that you are not landing the jobs despite your qualifications. Today, it’s about networking. Yes, networking is the key now. 

Even as you network with people to land the jobs, you need to network correctly to get results. So, you need to network with the right people. There is no sense in networking with people that cannot help you to land the job either as an employer or by recommending you. Anyone you are networking with should be able to help you in one of those ways. So, here are five people to network with.

Previous Employer

One of the first persons that can help you land a job is your previous employer or manager. At least they already know how you work and your capabilities. But this is possible if you leave such employment on a good note. Not only leaving on a good note but if you keep the relationship as well. If you don’t keep a healthy relationship after leaving an establishment, your previous boss may not be able to help you in your job search.

Friends and Family 

Another set of people that you can network with to land the job you need are friends and family members. There are family members working in places of repute places, and sometimes they know people in places that can assist to bring your job search to an end. So, reach out to your friends and family for openings and let them know your qualifications and what you can do. leverage on the relationship with your friends and family. Don’t let your familiarity with them make you lose out. If they are not talking about it, talk to them about it.

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This is for those who are still employed but need a better job or something different from what they are doing now. If you are considering a career shift, network with colleagues, they may have information and help that can help you land the job you care to have. Apart from colleagues in the workplace, try out colleagues in other places where you are engaged in. Network and leverage those relationships.

Human Resources Personnel

If there is a set of people you need to network with and leverage on the relationship with them is human resources personnel. Interestingly, you have them on your social media and professional platforms. You even have them in your religious organizations. So, start leveraging the relationship with these people. 

Other Professionals

It is funny how people live these days that they hardly have friends in the same profession as them. Note that you are not rivals. You can collaborate together even in your job search and on projects. Try as much as possible to have people of your profession and leverage a healthy relationship with them. This doesn’t leave people outside your profession out especially those whose work compliment yours in the field. They can refer you and even add you to projects.

With these five types of people, if you leverage well enough on your relationship with them, you should not stay too long without having a job. If you haven’t taken this seriously before, it is high time you get on board and get serious. These tactics can be deployed by anyone even if you are looking forward to changing your jobs. It works if you try. If you haven’t read about places where you can network for jobs, please click here. Let’s connect!

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