How John The Baptist Missed It

Every Bible student is conversant with the man called John the Baptist. A lot of people He held a significant spot to the ministry of Jesus Christ. Without Him, we may not have found salvation easily.┬áJohn the Baptist was the forerunner for Jesus. He was born to prepare and to […]

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Uriah Was Great But…

Uriah was one of David’s mighty men in his days. He was the lawful husband of a woman called Bathsheba whom David stole from him. He was an epitome of loyalty, strength and focus. A man like Uriah is really scarce in our days. Uriah was really an asset to […]

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An Essential Lesson On Giving

It’s a well known fact that one of the ways to achieve abundance is giving. As a matter of fact, its a general law in the universe. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Traditional worshiper, free thinker etc., if you practice giving the God way, you are bound to receive […]

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