Spiritual Portals

Calvary greetings to you. Thanks for making it a date to read through this blog once again. I appreciate your time and all that it cost you to be here. For sharing our previous posts, a huge thanks to you. And for commenting on each post, it means a lot […]

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Promise Of A Second Chance

I bring you warm greetings from my heart. I can’t but appreciate you for checking on this page either to follow up or as a new reader. Thanks for reading through. In the same vein, I will like to welcome you to this piece titled “Promise of a second Chance”. […]

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It’s Okay To Ask (2)

As you have read in the first piece, its not a problem to ask for help when you need it. Its a problem when you need it and you don’t ask. So, once again, I put it to you that its okay to ask. You also need to be reminded […]

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Five Critical Success Factors

Warm greetings to you my esteemed reader. I want to thank you for checking out this piece. For everyone who has ever sent an email or commented, thank you. I hope you will find this piece on five critical success factors interesting, informative and revelational. If so please like, share […]

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Gate of Heaven (3)

Greetings to you. I will like to appreciate you for checking this page every now and then. If this is your first time of visiting this page, please accept my heartfelt warm welcome to this page. I do hope you will find the articles here interesting, informative and impacting. The […]

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The Greatest Discovery Ever

Making a discovery is one of the things you can do to gain affluence and influence. Lots of Scientists have made wonderful discoveries that placed them in a celebrated list of icons. Of all discoveries you can ever make in life, there is one that will give you all you […]

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The Gate of Heaven (2)

Thank you for joining me in this second part of “Gate of Heaven”. I appreciate your time and interest in following up. And I pray that God will take you higher in Him and experience Him as you read through in Jesus name. We have looked at what the gate […]

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The Gate of Heaven

And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful is this place! this is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven. Genesis 28:17 I am quite sure you will be wondering what kind of topic we are discussing. Well, I feel it impressed upon […]

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It’s Okay To Ask

We live in a world of interdependence. That’s how God built the world. God intentionally made all of us to depend on each other. Everyone who made it to the top got there because they asked for something at one point or the other. So it’s okay to ask when […]

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