Final Words For The Half

Finally, I will have to write as a Pastor. Few people have been looking out for this. While I have written as a friend, mentor and a well wisher, I will be putting on my pastoral cap as I write the final words for the half of year, 2019. I […]

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Put Them Where They Belong

Once again, I will like to appreciate you for checking on the webpage for new pieces. I really appreciate your time and for those who always send in emails or comment after reading, thanks a lot. If this is your first time reading this page, you are welcome. You probably […]

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The Job Seeker Watchlist

As we round up the first part of year 2019, I have few words for the job seeker. If you have been looking for job right from the beginning of the year or in the last four months, this piece is for you. Whether you are passively or actively looking […]

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Still On Self-Assessment

Top of the day to you from wherever you are reading this from around the world. First, I will like to appreciate those who make it an obligation to follow this page. I cannot but appreciate everyone who has ever commented on the posts on this page. And those that […]

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How Far Have You Gone?

This is a question I have being trying to ask myself for about two weeks. How far have you gone? And I guess it will be beneficial if you do the same. Perhaps, by answering this question you will be able see yourself clearly. Please take your time to read […]

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How Do You See Mistakes?

For sometimes now, I have been taking a look at what we call mistakes and how we often respond to it. Mistakes already have a negative nomenclature and ranking. No one wants to associate with it. I think it high time we look at it from another angle. Let’s look […]

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Time For Opinion Check

We live in the world of opinions. Everyone holds an opinion about people, place etc. Its interesting to know that even you have an opinion about yourself. So in this piece, we will take a brief look at our opinions, how they are formed and how they affect us. If […]

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Choosing A Mentor

Having a mentor is something that is no longer common these days. One wonders why this unwelcome development is gradually becoming a norm. Does it mean young people are not aspiring to become someone or there are no aspirations? Could it mean we are too ambitious to find someone to […]

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There’s No Time

You probably would be thinking about the kind of topic I am writing on. I guess its time we shoot ourselves with some realities. I believe this should help us think and act aright. Note that if you take your time to read through, it maybe challenging or abusive depending […]

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