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2 Important Parts To Play To What Is Coming In Nigeria

In our previous article, we discussed the frightening situation of things in the country and what both people and God are saying about the country. If you haven’t read that article, please check it out before you read through this one. As promised, we shall be looking at 2 important parts to play in what is coming in Nigeria.

First, we need to know that when God speaks about what He intends to do, people must align to bring it to pass. If you have read through the Bible, you would have seen a lot of prophecies and the roles people had to play to bring it into reality. If we fail to play our parts, then the prophecy will only be on our minds. So, all hands must be on deck.

Silent Revolution Going On In Nigeria

Interestingly, the country is already going through a revolution though not as loud as every other revolution. From the endSARS protest, there was a shift in the country. People got courage, but it was reduced by the killings at the Toll Gate. Well, the confidence is still there and people are still revoting in one way or the other.

Many people do not know that the security challenges masked in kidnapping and killings are actually part of the revolution going on in the country. Though they may be done by people already masked as enemies of humanity in Nigeria. The questions to ask are whether that revolution is done rightly, the reason behind the revolution and if it is for the common good.

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When you see unions, departments, councils, units, etc announcing and going on industrial mass action, it is all part of the revolution. When revolution hits, things will be interrupted but that does not mean total destruction. We are too quick to look at the negative side of things. Different countries in the world have gone through worse issues in the past. Nigeria is having its fair share of the recipe for greatness.

The Part You Need To Play Now

Well, you must note that Nigeria is not just the building or Aso Rock, it is us. Therefore, we all have a significant role to play bring God’s intention to pass. There are two things you need to do. Also, you need to communicate it to others in your cycle of friends and family members. Please be an advocate for these two things. Help to share this article with everyone you know.

The first step is to pray. Yes, I mean prayer. I hear lots of people say we have prayed enough, but that’s not true. If you know what is coming, you would pray more especially in the coming months that precede the election. This is the best time to sow the seeds of prayer for each of us. Nigeria has prayer needs right now more than ever. Every Nigerian has more prayer needs now including you.

When I say you need to pray, I think you should ask what to pray about. I will recommend three major prayer points that you need to be praying for now. You need to pray for security for yourself, your family member, and the nation. Play that God scatters all plans to sabotage lives and properties in this year and beyond. You need to pray that God’s kingdom is established in Nigeria. Please take prayer points in this direction seriously.

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The second thing you need to do to play your part is to ensure that you get along in the election process. Yes, I mean the coming election. You need to get your PVC (Permanent voter’s card). If you haven’t registered, please do and be ready to vote. Don’t just get the PVC, make plans to take part in the vote and ensure you vote for competence.

Please ensure you are not coarse in voting for someone. Try as much as possible to avoid bribes while voting. Those were the roads once traveled that never helped the nation. It is time to move forward. As you get your PVC and are ready to vote, remember the vote you cast is not just about you, it is also about the future and the unborn children.

We are a unique time of our history as a nation. Everyone must get to work at least with these two steps. If we all play our parts, we can be sure God will play His part and deliver the great nation of our dreams to us. Friends, play your parts, and let’s get our nation restored like the great stories we used to hear.

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