10 Reasons You Are Not Rich

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The pursuit of wealth in these recent times is on the high side. The pursuit of wealth is no longer a race for those in business or employment alone. Students have joined in the race and this has led to several issues making life difficult for each of us because of those who want to get rich through illegitimate means. Well, getting rich is not as easy as some make it look. Here are ten reasons why you may never be rich;

1. Career Choice

One of the top reasons people don’t end up becoming rich is because of wrong career choices. A lot of people are in a career that is either their parent’s decision or the societal trend. Going into a wrong career outside your wiring is a sure way to set up for failure. If you are on a career path that is not a reflection of who you are, then you are setting yourself up for failure. That path can never make you rich. All you can ever get from that path are dividends of an unfulfilled life, frustration, and pain.

2. No Financial Goals

There are millions of people across the globe that wants to be rich but they don’t have any financial goals. All they do is hope that money will come their way. If there are no goals, you should not be surprised you didn’t achieve anything. After all, you weren’t striving to achieve anything in the first place. Having clear financial goals shift your wishful thinking to achievable focus points. Goals make what you want to achieve clearer with the how.

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3. Saving Versus Earning

Here is another essential reason people never get rich. They focus more on saving than on earning. Although saving is good but the truth is that it has never made anyone rich. Those rich people you see around are rich because they earn more. While it Is good for you to save, focus more on earning. Find ways to earn more. This is not to downplay saving. Think about it objectively. How much does money saved in the bank yield in a year compared to when you use that same money for business or investment? I hope you understand that.

4. Procrastination

Well, it is no longer news that this is the thief of time. Lots of people remain poor because they are not taking steps that are meant to liberate them. They keep postponing things they ought to have done. This is to means that many have become lazy and unwilling to do things that will make them rich. Many keep procrastinating thinking that they still have time to do things. The truth is that time is not on anyone’s side

5. The Dread of Failure

Many people would have become rich if not for the fear of failing. The dread of failure has incapacitated many from taking steps that should have positioned them to get rich. Failure is part of life and it is one of the tools that keep propelling us to the right place if well handled. You don’t need to dread failure, if people that made great discoveries dread failure, they would never have been able to achieve those inventions. 

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6. Expenditure Versus Income

If you intend to be rich, you must understand the difference between expenditure and income. Expenditure means the total amount someone spends over a period while income is the total amount of money that comes to you over a period. If you must be rich, you need to learn how to balance your expenditures and income. Your income must be far greater than your expenditure. That is the healthy financial path to take.

7. Lack of Self Discipline

To achieve any goal in life, self-discipline must be well-practiced. In this sense, self-discipline must be engaged in your spending habit, eating habits, etc. Some people make money but they are unable to use it effectively to enhance their wealth because of a lack of self-discipline. If you give anyone billions, without self-discipline they will still end up being poor. So, self-discipline is essential if you must be rich.

8. Lack of Knowledge 

A few years ago, I learned that the more you learn, the more you earn. Knowledge is key to being able to create workable structures that will deliver your wealth. This is where learning is important. You must learn finance management, process, and the system that will produce your wealth. Failure to have adequate knowledge in these areas guarantees to be poor. 

9. Lack of Successful Mentors

Mentors are needed to get results and to get them faster. You need the experience and tutelage of those who have achieved your desired results before. Lack of mentors means that you will do lots of trial and error which will take too much of your time. That means you won’t get good results as much as your input. This is one key reason why many keep dancing in cycles of failure. 

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10. Assumption On Luck

Are you part of the people that believes that rich people are just lucky? This may be a reason you are not getting rich. Your assumption will shade your thinking, and you won’t be able to see that rich people invest resources to create systems that produce their wealth. If you keep believing its luck, you will never see not understand how to create systems to deliver your wealth. Re-engineer your thinking to favor your desire to be rich. 

Now that you know these things, it is time to ask yourself which of these things is preventing you from getting rich. Don’t rush to answer, take a moment to think it through and provide the real reason you are still poor. A careful evaluation is always important if you must go far in life. Financial prosperity must be achieved in the same vein. Evaluate and take corresponding actions that will make you rich.