10 Paths To Result-oriented Personal Growth

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Are there paths to result-oriented personal growth? Yes, there are, and that is what we are about to explore in this piece. For some years, the discussions and books on personal growth have heightened. This is because personal growth will determine how far you will go in life and if you will eventually fulfill your purpose on earth.

Over the years, people dream, plan and tried to achieve their goals without personal growth. They fail to realize that personal growth is the bedrock to achieving goals whether small or great goals. This is because personal growth is the only guarantee that our tomorrow will be better. So, if you want a better tomorrow, you had better start engaging in things that can enhance your personal growth. Without personal growth, there is no goal attainment in view.

Most people know what they want in life, it is just that they don’t know how to get there. Some other people know what they want in life and how to achieve it but they lack the will to begin. While there may be one or two ways to achieve your dreams, one sure way to do that is through personal growth. Personal growth will grant you the needed capacity for your dreams and the bedrock for your success. 

Since personal growth is a secure way to achieve greatness. Therefore, we must see how we can enhance personal growth. Also, it is essential to make the best use of it to produce desired results. So, in this piece, we shall be exploring 10 paths to result-oriented personal growth. Let’s get started!

Begin By Talking Yourself Into It

A result-oriented personal growth begins with you talking yourself into it when you must have convinced yourself that you need to grow. Lots of people are not growing because every other person can see it except themselves. As long as you do not feel a need to grow, you will neither plan nor do things that will make you grow. This is because true growth is intentional. If you are not intentional about your personal growth, then you can’t grow. No one grows by mistake, growth always comes from the intentional practices and actions of men that strive to grow. So, the question is, have you thought about your personal growth lately? If you have, do you feel that you need to grow?

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Identify The Areas 

If you think you need to grow or work on your personal growth, the next thing to do is to identify which area of your life you need to grow. A lot of people who desire to grow are either not doing anything yet or they are trying to grow in too many areas than they can handle. First is to recognize the areas of your life where you need to grow. This could be your relationships, finance, spiritual, career, etc. Once you have recognized the areas, I recommend that you pick one to work on per time but not more than two. Pick one area and be sure of what exactly you want to achieve in that area with timelines. Yes, don’t just say I want to grow in this area, there should be a clear and well-stated goal that you want to achieve within its timeframe. 

Make A Commitment

Now is time to make a commitment. What exactly would you be doing to achieve the goal you stated earlier. You should be able to state what you will be doing when you will be doing them, and how you will be doing them. There should be a clearly written out action plan of the things you will be doing. This should include how you will be tracking your commitment by yourself. You can’t achieve any goal in life without commitment. It is by commitment that you water the seeds of your goal. No commitment, no goal realization. So, bind yourself by what you must do to achieve your goal.

Make Your Commitment Public

Many people have not been able to achieve their goals because they keep their plans to grow to themselves. You need to make your growth intention public. At least make it known to one person who can be your accountability partner. There should at least one person that will know about your intention to grow and what you are committed to doing to enhance that growth. Make it public and let people know so that they can ask you if you are progressing. This is what many people are trying to avoid by keeping quiet about their growth intentions. If you really mean business to grow, you ought to set people in place that will ask you about your progress.

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One Hour Daily Rule

Now is the time to get into the work. Here is a basic rule to work with which is to work on your growth plan daily. Have one hour daily to work on your personal growth agenda. This one hour daily includes the weekends. Yes, don’t say weekends are for relaxing. This is why many have not been able to achieve their goals. Work on your goals for at least one hour on a daily basis, and make sure you track daily work. My advice is that you find a particular time of the day for this and be consistent with that time. There is no result without consistency, here is where your consistency counts for an advantage.

Reflect On Your Learnings

As you work on your personal growth, have a place to document your learnings. Yes, you need to document your learnings and make sure that it is well arranged. Don’t think you have them all in your brain. You will only be deceiving yourself if that is what you are doing. Make notes for yourself and write out the things you are learning. As you document your learnings, find time to reflect on them. Yes, you need to think them through and understand what they really mean to you and how you can use them. If you get this right, then you are making real progress.

Practice Your Learnings

Now that you have learned new things and you have assimilated the concepts and how they can benefit you, it’s time to practice. After all, the essence of learning new things is so that you can use the knowledge in real life to get things done. Put all that you have learned into actionable steps to achieve desired results. As you do this, you should be measuring your success rate for each step you take to see how well you are able to use the knowledge and the extent to which results come. Wherever you make mistakes, correct your errors and move on.

Teach Your Learnings

One of the ways we help ourselves to become an expert in something is to teach what we have learned in that area. You need to teach someone the things you have learned and practiced. As you do this, you are not only advancing humanity, but you are also advancing yourself in that thing because a deeper understanding of it will be opened to you. Teaching what you know to people open you up to think about it more elaborately than you did in your closet. And the questions you answer why teaching it to open your mind to see more possibilities in that area. 

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Share Your Growth Journey

You need to share your growth journey with people. Begin by sharing it with your accountability partner. Let them know that you were able to achieve the growth plan with their help. This will enhance your belief system in your ability. Also, you will be able to encourage someone with your story. At this point, you should appreciate everyone that has helped you in one way or the other. It is important that you do this for these two reasons so that you can get the will to go through this process again. 

Repeat The Process

Lastly, repeat the process for other areas of your life that you are seeking to grow there. If you have been able to use it to achieve a goal in an area, then you can use it to achieve your goals in other areas of your life. Each time you repeat the process, you will become better at it. Success is guaranteed when you build good systems and processes. That is what we hope you will do after reading through this and that you will use it to produce success in all areas of your life.

Conclusively, the path to personal growth is laced with intentionality and serious work. If you are not intentional about your personal growth, you won’t achieve it. You must arise and give it all it takes. Growth doesn’t just happen, some inputs guarantee the output. If you do not put in the required inputs, you can’t get the desired results. Don’t be ignorant of the obvious because of your laziness and nonchalant attitude. Now, that you have read this, it is time to get to work.

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