10 Most Important Questions You Must Answer For A Great 2022

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It is no news that we are in a new year. For some, the year is no longer new. Whether the year is new or not, what is important is the exploit you make in the year. So, here are the 10 most important questions you need to answer for a great 2022 to be yours. I know you want the have a great year, if that will happen you need to sincerely answer these questions.

1. What Is Your Vision?

Many people begin the year without a vision and that is not too good if you intend to make any good thing of the year. The vision is what you want to strive to achieve. So, if you don’t have one, it appears you just want to live the entire year without any direction. This is because your vision for the year will shape your thinking, inactions, and actions. 

If you don’t have one yet, it is not too late to create one for yourself. You should be living for something in the year. Don’t just run from pillar to post in search of nothing. By all means, make sure today does not end without you coming up with the vision for the year. Start thinking about it now!

2. What Is Your Ideal 2022?

 Almost everyone if not all wants a great 2022. If you ask around, no one will tell you that they want a bad 2022. Since you want a great 2022, what is your ideal 2022 like? You should have a mental picture of what your 2022 should look like. If you don’t have it yet, then you are not likely to make anything good out of the year.

Not only having a mental picture of your ideal 2022, but you should also be able to communicate it and have it well spelled out on paper. If you haven’t thought about this, start thinking about it now. It is only what you can see in your mind that you can work to bring into your reality. If you don’t have an ideal 2022, you have just any 2022 happen to you.

3. Who Most I Become To Achieve My Ideal 2022?

Making the year 2022 great the way you want it rises and falls on you greatly. If you really want to achieve that great 2022 in your mind, the current you may not be able to deliver it. So, ask yourself who you need to become to deliver it. You must be able to decipher this, or else you won’t achieve it.

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A clue will be to check out those who have achieved what you want to achieve and see the kind of person they became to be able to deliver. You need this if you must achieve this great 2022 in your mind. There must be a changed you that will deliver the desired reality.

4. What Are The Sacrifices I need To Make In 2022?

Delivering great things in life always comes with some sacrifices. There is no great thing that comes totally devoid of sacrifices. To achieve a great year you will need to make several sacrifices. You need to ask yourself what those sacrifices will be. If you are not ready to make sacrifices, you are not ready for a great 2022.

Asking yourself this question helps you to prepare ahead. You will be able to count the cost and see if you are ready to pay the price to gain the rise. You must be certain you want to do that before you swing into action. It doesn’t make any sense if you are pursuing what you won’t accomplish at the end of the day.

5. What Are Your Top Priorities For 2022?

To make the year 2022 great, you just need to screen the activities that you are involved in. You may need to stop some, start some, reduce or increase some. This is where priorities come in. So, what are the top priorities for 2022? You must carefully think through this.

Your priorities should help you to organize your step around activities that will help you to achieve a great 2022. If you must achieve your goals, priorities matter a lot and you need to take them seriously. So, start prioritizing your activities and actions. Don’t do things for doing sake and while away time. Time is too precious to be wasted.

6. What Are My Opportunities In 2022?

Opportunities are events or things that draw you closer to your dream. If you are thinking of achieving a great 2022, you must be able to itemize your opportunities. You should be able to tell what you want to maximize. If you don’t know your opportunities, you can’t make a great 2022.

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Get a pen and paper, list out the opportunities that you want to maximize in the year. It should contain how you intend to maximize them to achieve a great 2022. This will also help you to know where to be per time and what you should be doing per time. Make sure you make findings even if you don’t know. If you ask questions and search the internet enough, you will get lots of details.

7. What Are The 5 Top Habits I Need For A Great 2022?

When it comes to achieving great things in life, habits can not be left behind. If you study people that achieve great results, they are able to do so because they have habits designed around their goals. So, you need to find out what habits will help you to achieve a great 2022.

At least list out 5 top habits you need for a great 2022. Not just listing them out, but creating a plan that will help you inculcate these habits so that you will keep walking to achieve your goals every day. Link up with people that have achieved what you want to achieve and see habits that have helped them. It will help you.

8. Who Do I Need To Associate With In 2022?

To achieve greatness in life, it seldom happens when you are alone, you will need to leverage on relationships and associations. It is time to ask yourself who you need to associate with that can help you achieve your great 2022. This is very key if you will make 2022 great!

You need to check your current relationships and associations if they can help you to deliver that great 2022. Also, you need to look around for the ones that will enhance the achievement of the great 2022. It is time to be deliberate about your relationships and associations. They have a great influence on your life and whether or not you will achieve your goals.

9. What Is My Success Strategy For 2022?

Well, you must know by now that for you to succeed in anything, you must have a strategy. A strategy is your game plan to achieve your goals. So, what is your game plan for the year 2022? That is the only way to achieve success. Ask people who have succeeded in one area or the other you will realize they did through a strategy.

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So, draw up a strategy that will enable you to achieve a great 2022. Not just drawing up of strategy but also creating a step by step process on how you will achieve the great 2022 and make sure you follow it through. Keep in mind that there is no success without a strategy to deliver it.

10. What Are My Evaluation Strategies?

Anything you can not measure does not have the possibility of growth. Therefore you need to have an evaluation strategy at intervals as you go through the year. Without evaluation, you won’t even know whether you are growing or not. It also blinds you to the reality of things if evaluation is not in place.

The evaluation must be done at intervals to be sure you know your progress. This will help you know what to do per time and what to focus on. Draw your evaluation strategy if you intend to get results with your plans for the year 2022.

If you can provide honest answers to these questions and do the actions required, it is certain you will be able to deliver a great 2022. Nothing can stop you from achieving that great 2022 in your mind if you make good use of these questions and take the required steps. This means you are the only person that can stop you from having that great 2022.

Though we are already some weeks into the year already, that doesn’t stop you from making the year count. If you can begin on a good note today, you can still deliver that great 2022. All you are required to do is to find a quiet place, provide honest answers to these questions, and take the necessary steps related to each question. By the end of the year, you would have created a great 2022. Read these verses. Read through this too

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