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As we round up the first part of year 2019, I have few words for the job seeker. If you have been looking for job right from the beginning of the year or in the last four months, this piece is for you. Whether you are passively or actively looking for a job, here is a piece for you.

If you want to make the second part of the year count for you in your job search venture, there are few things you may want to check. If you don’t make certain changes, its most likely you will be getting the same old result. If you have not been getting interview invite, something needs attention. If your interviews have not gotten you a job, you may need to consider this piece.

Your CV

Your CV is your first advert. If not properly written, it may keep you at a disadvantaged position. Sometimes you may be qualified for the job but your CV may disqualify you. The few things you need to check include the format, arrangement and how the information are presented. A friend of mine had his CV rewritten by an HR and he spotted that he has gotten several interview invites after this. Now its time to review and update your CV. If you need to contact professional, please do. Note that CV shows how unique and qualified you are for the job. Every job application should have a well tailored CV to showcase your eligibility for each job of interest. Your Cover Letter Its funny that lots of job seekers apply for jobs without a cover letter. If you don’t know, a cover letter is what gives the HR the reason to read your CV. Its surprising that some people just attach their CV without anything in the body of the email. For some people, not even greetings and information to check the attachment. A cover letter should show a few things very briefly and create an interest in the HR to want to know you. If you think its important, seek for help if you don’t know how to write one. Please note that cover letters are supposed to be unique per job application. Be a prudent job seeker.

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Your Interview

Your interview begins from the moment you read about the invite. You need to begin to prepare immediately. Equip yourself with all the information and knowledge you require to make it a success. You need to know about the company, the job roles and the information you presented on your CV. You need to have action plan on how you intend to deliver, how much you can deliver and how your previous experience will help you if employed. Endeavor to get to the venue early.

You And Yourself

This is an important factor you need to watch. If you have done every other thing right and this is not in order, you have wasted your effort. This is because you are actually marketing yourself. You need to watch you are marketing and how you market yourself. Things to check include your self confidence, self worth, dress sense and your personality. If this is not used to your advantage, you may be fighting a lost battle even before you set out for the interview.

I believe if you take care of these few things going forward, you will definitely see a major difference in your job search. This will of course land you the job of your dream. Its my wish that this piece will help you to achieve more in the second half of this year. If you are blessed with this piece, kindly comment and share with every job seeker you know.

To your success!

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