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First, I will like to appreciate you my esteemed reader for your invaluable time spent in reading articles on this page. For everyone who find it interesting to comment, a huge thanks to you. In the same vein, I will like to apologize for taking so long to post an article after the last one. I promise to keep it coming more often going forward.

There is an impression on my mind about the dot. I learnt it in Business School some years back. While writing my gratitude note for my forthcoming Birthday, I found myself working through the dot principle. I feel an obligation to share.

Have you tried to imagine how important the dot is? In English Language, its called full stop and it tells you the end of a sentence. And that gives meaning to the sentence. In Mathematics, its called point and it gives value to numbers. When I took a close look at the dot and life application, it appears to me that it adds both value and meaning to our life if not overlooked.

A dot might be inconsequential especially when you try to view it on a plain paper. Thats how small efforts of individual can seem alot of times. What if we look beyond the size of the dot. It is only when we look beyond the size that we can appreciate the dot. If someone gives you something small, look beyond the size of the gift or you wont appreciate it.

Here is an exercise to illustrate this. Study the picture below.

You will see that the picture contains 100000 if you look carefully you will notice the difference in the numbers. This is because of the designation of dot and that’s all that made the difference. The same number was written but the placing of the dots made the difference. Please learn to value the dot, it may be all that will make the difference in your life, relationship, Business etc.

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