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Success Myths You Need To Watch in 2019


Once again, I will like to warmly welcome you to 2019. I wish you a gratifying and goal achieving year. May this year be far better than last year for you in all ramifications in Jesus mighty name. Amen

Success is what everybody watch out for in this year. Irrespective of the way each of us paints it in terms of goals, aspirations, ambitions etc. We all wants to be successful in our endeavours. If we really want to be a success, we must learn the art so as not to probably repeat the old mistakes and remain the same spot.

First, it is important to note that doing the same thing over and over again is termed madness. Not only madness, but that you will keep getting the same result. You and I know you need new results, something worth called success this year. If that will be possible, you need to know these success myths perhaps, you have been locked down by one or of it.

  1. Talent is all you need.
    Few years back when I was still the four walls of the university, I read a book written by John C. Maxwell titled TALENT IS NEVER ENOUGH. Well, if you don’t agree with him or me, you probably have seen talented people who were failures by all definition. That happened because they took the fact for granted. Talent is only an ingredient for success if not well mixed and spiced up with others, success will remain a dream.
  2. An achievement is success
    Just before you criticize that phrase, understand it first. There are several people who think success is the end. They believe once they finish school, get a job, a promotion etc., thats all success is.
    No, success is a journey never an end. Once you hit a goal, you move to the next one. Many people achieve one goal and then settle there. That’s not success. If that’s what success means to you, then keep succeeding.
  3. My Success doesn’t depend on my successor
    In leadership class we understand that you are not yet a success until your successor succeeds. That’s why Elisha in the Bible is not listed among successful ministers of God. He didn’t even have a replacement let alone having successful successor. We all know Elisha did great miracles and wonders more than his predecessor but because the work stopped with him, he failed. If the work or success stops with you then you have failed.
  4. Little is needed to achieve more
    A lot of lazy people don’t want to add input yet they want output. If there is no seed time, there can’t be harvest time. Watch the quality of your seeds you sow into the field of success. You want to start a business, you’ve not read books about it, meet other professionals in the field, research the industry etc and you want to be successful. That looks more of a joke than a success adventure.
  5. I can do all by myself
    Anyone who truly wants to succeed knows that we need other people’s input to make our input a success. You need other people’s proficiency in areas you lack. If you want to do all by yourself, then learn every aspect from a professional and ensure you become one in the quality of your delivery.
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It is my sincere wish that you succeed this year more than you recorded last year. That’s why I have put up a success series. This is the first in the series. If this has blessed you, kindly share with friends and love ones across different platforms. See you soon in the next piece.


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