Success Essentials 4

A warm greetings to you my esteem reader. I do hope you enjoyed the last two pieces in our success series on Pareto Principle. Today, we are moving on the success series.

In this piece, we shall be discussing the art of goal setting. If we talked about attaining success and we leave out goal setting, it means we are serious about being successful. Without goal setting, it is difficult to measure or evaluate your success rate.

What is Goal Setting?

Simply put, it means highlighting what needs to be achieved or accomplished. It is a way of putting up a list of what you intend to achieve within a specific time. This is what shows the intended end of resources gathered and all actions directed towards it. There are two important things to note when goal setting is in view. These are vision and mission.

What Vision Means

In simple word counts, vision expresses what you will love the world to be. For instance, you may wish to see the world without hunger, the world without gender disparity etc.

What Mission Means

Mission simply means how an individual wants to achieve the vision. Mission often expresses the steps, actions and procedures you want to use to achieve the Vision.

If you look at the simple explanations of vision and mission, you will found out that it is possible for two or more people to have the same vision but it is rare for them to have the same mission. So, the first point to begin with is to create vision and mission statements. Start from there!

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How To Set Goals

It is easy to set the goals from your mission. You should be able to set the goals with timelines. It is important to set goals with timeframe so that you can be able to work objectively. Begin by looking at the available resources and every other factors base on the goals to be achieved. Its time to put things to order. If you have been working without goals. Its time to set them. Set the goal for the year, each month, each week etc. Start now!

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