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Success Essentials 1

A warm welcome to another piece in our success series. I hope you found the last one informative, educative and inspiring. In order to touch some important success factors, we will need to go slowly. It’s my joy that you find, understand and live what success truly means as you engage in this series.

By success essentials, we mean components that cannot be placed if we ever want to achieve success. It is quite important to note that success sits on structures. If you don’t build the structures, you may be heading otherwise. The essentials are the materials with which we build the structures. You need to take it seriously.

In this piece, we shall be looking at ATTITUDE. In few words count, it means the way we feel and react to things, situations or person. How you feel or react to anything will tell what you make out of it. Remember students who hate a particular teacher find it hard to pass their subjects. It’s very simple their attitude played out. Think about how your attitude had played out on things in the past or recently.

I can’t forget the words of one of facilitators back then in 2011 during Business school training. He said “attitude much more than aptitude, determines your altitude in life.” Friends, the words are true. You may probably know people who were assisted to get jobs/appointments but lost it to their attitude. You may as well have met people who were not qualified to hold certain positions but their attitudes gave them the job. Watch it, it maybe all you’ve got to sail through.

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Types of Attitude

It may surprise you to know that we have a number of attitudes. Well, a long list, at least for the purpose of this short piece. Attitude could either be positive or negative. It’s positive when it inspire you to do the right thing. Its negative if does otherwise. The former will always give positive energy and a will to drive a course to fruition while the latter will deposit lackadaisical influence. 

The Way Forward

Everyone seeking to be achieve success in 2019 must therefore watch his/her attitude. A positive attitude can make you do the impossible and achieve a great feat. That’s all the young David had, today he remains one of the greatest hero of all time. Your attitude will tell whether or not you will go far. It’s time to work on your attitude who knows whether God is given you another chance to set it right before that great opportunity comes your way.

How To Keep Positive Attitude

There are a few ways to keep positive attitude. It begins with staying positive at all times. Never let fear control you or your actions. Remember, False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR). Try as much as possible to mingle and stay with positive attitude so that you won’t have negative influence. Read books that will improve your performance and help you keep a positive attitude. This is my honest advice to you on attitude as you sail into your land of opportunity in 2019. Have a blessed ride.

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