Promise Of A Second Chance

I bring you warm greetings from my heart. I can’t but appreciate you for checking on this page either to follow up or as a new reader. Thanks for reading through. In the same vein, I will like to welcome you to this piece titled “Promise of a second Chance”. I trust that it will make meaning to you and help you live purpose driven life.

What is Second Chance?

Second Chance is not a new thing. It’s a common concept. Well, it can be seen as the another opportunity to do something or right someone’s wrongs. It means a new moment to try again. Sometimes we mess up the opportunity we have to get things done either in our personal life, work or on a project. If you are lucky enough to do those things again, its a second chance being presented to you. Grab it!

Don’t Let it Get To That

Unfortunately, second chance is not something anyone can guarantee. So it’s advisable to use the one you have judiciously. What that means is that, every moment must count for whatever it was designed for. You need to live each moment purposefully. Be intentional with your life and every moment you spent on your work or project. Do that can be done at the appropriate time because a second chance may never come.

A lot of people live their lives as if they have a second one somewhere. Hello, there’s no guarantee that you are coming back or that you will get a second chance to live again. Life with care and purposefully. Don’t wait until the moment of regret when you finally realized no more chance to right your wrong. Make every moment right now. Live your life right now, there is no promise of a second chance.

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If That’s What You Have

Take a pause and think about your live. Are you not living the second chance now. Its okay if that’s what you have but its not okay if you are living it recklessly. You need to be reminded that not everyone got the second chance. Now, that you have it, use it judiciously. Whether its your normal life, or at work irrespective of where your second chance is coming from, make it count for good.

A Borrowed Life

There once lived a broadcaster in Nigeria. He was a friend to my mum. At a point in he is life, he became so sick for a long time. It was a kidney problem and it was really bad. He almost lost his life and no one believed he would rise again. Prior to this time, God had been reaching out to him to give his life to Jesus Christ but he always deflected it. Even on his sick bed, he wasn’t ready.

God visited him and offered to give a second chance. He was miraculously healed. On one of his visits to my mum’s place. After sharing the story of his miraculous healing; something he himself could not fathom. They prayed together, my mum said God told her to tell him he was living on a borrowed life. He replied that he was aware. He died few months later without giving his life to Jesus Christ.

My esteemed reader, you may not get the second chance after this moment. It is quite important to prepare for the place you will end it all after leaving earth. A place of peace is sure with Jesus Christ because He promised it. Here is the moment to surrender all Jesus Christ. If rapture takes place now, and you have not surrendered all to Him, it will be a time of regret when you get to the other end. Now is the time.

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