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I bring warm greetings to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I will love to say Happy new month to you. May this new month be that of glorious perfection in all ramifications for you. And thanks for being our esteemed reader in the first part of year, 2019. 
The much talked about second part of the year is here. Like the old saying, time runs very fast. The clock is already ticking and that means that its time to begin all that you want to accomplish. You need to be reminded that your time has started counting. Just in case you are still be carried away with the aura of new month.
Don’t be deceived with the deception of availability of time. Lots of people will tell you to calm down because there’s still time. Don’t waste away your time because if you do, you are wasting your life because time is the unit of life. Now is the time to arise and cause the change, build the project, touch lives etc. Do whatever you have got to do. 
Every great accomplished dream or project started with a step. Take a step now in line with the realization of your dreams. It is often said that the journey of a thousand miles begin with a step. If you have not started, you can’t be talking about finishing the project. Don’t just enter into the second part of year, enter into the dream and project you wish to accomplish.
Once again, as I earlier stated in one the piece before now, “Be tough until you achieve the dream of your heart”. Success, if it will be achieved requires that you discipline yourself. It will take your time, money, food, sleep etc. You will be stressed to some extent before you get things done. Get ready to sacrifice your immediate gratification for a glorious future of accomplished dreams.
Give yourself timelines to achieve your goals and dreams. Set realistic timelines that will stretch you out of your comfort zones. Work with the times. I once read that no paper is worth the paper it is printed on if not backed by actions. Translate every part of your plan into actions. Begin now because your time has started counting already. This is the time to take action. Start now!

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