Kairos – The Great Moment

Kairos – That Great Moment

Sometimes ago while I was in the university, a learnt a Greek word “Kairos” when I joined Kairos Leadership Institute. This led me to do a few personal research and I am glad I will be sharing some of my findings in this piece. Kindly read through to the end.

First, I learnt the meaning of Kairos to be a moment when a prepared mind meets its opportunity. That’s great moment isn’t it? If you ask me, it is. Take for instance, you’ve been learning, practicing and sharpening your music skills for years in the hope that the world will someday hear your voice. Suddenly you met a music producer at your friend’s place who has been looking for an artiste to promote. You can imagine how great you will feel to even show your skills. That’s it. The great moment.

Now, imagine if that moment came and met the music artiste unprepared. Your guess is right as mine. This brings me to my first found fact that opportunities are all around seeking to meet a prepared mind to make it work. The question is, will your opportunity meet you prepared? Whatever you wish to accomplish, you must begin to prepared for it. My secondary school Teacher told us that when you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

I also found out that it actually takes a prepared mind to recognize an opportunity. A lot of people often find time of preparation too tough and troublesome to bear. If that’s your story, permit me to tell you the simple truth that you have lost your vision and you have no passion. Its only preparation that you can learn to turn stumbling block to stepping stones. This ability is what it means to recognize opportunity rather than see it as threat. That’s propels you the greater height.

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Furthermore, I discovered that if by pass an opportunity because of your unpreparedness, the opportunity will locate another prepared mind. This is because someone must make the opportunity work. That then means that you’re increasing your wait time if you keep up with your unpreparedness. This is because it will take another couple years before the opportunity come to the one who missed it earlier. If it comes and he/she still unprepared, it will go to another prepared mind. Its high time you started preparing yourself for the dream of your heart.

Well, I may not be able to share all my discoveries on the subject in a piece. I believe these few will definitely help if taken seriously. Get prepared, your kairos comes very shortly. I will love to hear from you. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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