It’s Okay To Ask

We live in a world of interdependence. That’s how God built the world. God intentionally made all of us to depend on each other. Everyone who made it to the top got there because they asked for something at one point or the other. So it’s okay to ask when the need arises. And the truth is that, there will always be a need to ask for something at one point or the other.

There are quite a number of people who believe it’s a sign of weakness to ask for help or assistance. They say they don’t need to ask for help or assistance. They feel they can handle all by themselves. This is a deceit of the devil and a pitfall for failure. A lot of them fail and die in silence because of this. I believe it’s a complex issue that they need to fix. For God sake, you are not El-Shaddai. You can’t provide everything you need by yourself.

So, it’s okay to ask for help or assistance. It doesn’t make you less of the person helping you out. It only makes you a better person. Those who say they don’t need other people’s input have either failed in recognizing what they need to succeed or are not ready for the change they seek. Don’t let your pride put you at a disadvantage position to realizing your goals. It’s not a problem to ask.


This is one of the most difficult thing to ask and to give. Knowing that it’s difficult to give out money, why don’t you draw up an investment plan for people? I did this when I was on campus. I needed money for a project and there was no one to assist after asking. So I drew up an investment plan to accrue the fund. When I showed few of my friends, the funds came even more than I needed. I had to reject some.

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If you need money which I am sure you will definitely need at one point or the other, be creative in your asking. Create a win-win situation. To get money from people, you need to have gained trust from those people. You must have a veritable character. That’s your biggest asset if people will ever give you their money.

To be continued…

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