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It’s Okay To Ask (2)

As you have read in the first piece, its not a problem to ask for help when you need it. Its a problem when you need it and you don’t ask. So, once again, I put it to you that its okay to ask. You also need to be reminded that asking for help or favour doesn’t make you less human or of lesser value to the one whom you are asking. So, its okay to ask.

While it is okay to ask when you need to, it is also important that you seek out ways to improvise when you do not have the resources. Before you reach out to ask, check if its something you can improvise and still get the same result or something very close that you can work with. Don’t be too quick to hire or borrow. Think about improvisation.

We live in a world of scarcity and for you to stand out, you may need to imbibe effective and efficient resource management principles. Learning to improvise might just be one of the ways to begin. Not having enough resources can’t be a reason for not achieving your goals. Resources are never enough, people have always learn to be resourceful. Resourcefulness is the key to succeeding in our world of scarcity.

Improvising is not only necessary when resources are unavailable or inadequate. It is also important when we need to cut cost but maintain the standard or achieve the same set objective. So if your budget is breaking the bank, you may need to consider improvising. This is skill set you need to acquire whether you are a manager, entry level staff or senior management staff. You need it for your personal life as well as for your family.

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Finally, it also means that you need to begin to learn how to be more creative. Creativity is key when we talk about improvisation. This is what will make you see value in everything people may consider as trash. That will give you a second thought every time you try to throw something into the trashcan. Learn to be creative, it might just be the saving grace to cut off unnecessary expenses and worries.

A Little Exercise

Think about the project you are working on now. What are the resources proofing difficult to get or results that seems unachievable due to unavailability or inadequacy of some resources? Think about things that can be combined to get that same result. Think of how to get these materials in a cost effective way.

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