How Far Have You Gone?

This is a question I have being trying to ask myself for about two weeks. How far have you gone? And I guess it will be beneficial if you do the same. Perhaps, by answering this question you will be able see yourself clearly. Please take your time to read through.

There’s no better time to ask this question than this moment. In few days time, we will be ending the first half of the year. You don’t need to wait till that time before you evaluate the journey so far. Now is a better time so that you can begin your action plan as the second half of year kicks in.

When the year started, almost everyone had high hopes. Some had well cut out dreams, goals and aspirations. The tasks were daunting but there were so such inspiration and energy to begin anew. Now, if I may ask, how far have you gone in realizing these goals, aspirations or dreams? Most likely the energy level has gone down by now.

There is a great tendency for you to be one sided in your self evaluation as you begin to provide an answer. Some may be looking at just their career. Some other people may be evaluating their relationship while some may be looking at their finances. If you really want to know how far you have gone, evaluate your life holistically. This may even help to know where you focused more in the first have of this year.

Interestingly, where you focused more may not be where you have had the best of the result. Only a self evaluation can help to reveal this. This means you need to have an open mind to be able to see the true result and accept it. Don’t evaluate your journey so far with prejudices. Working with the true picture is the only way to help yourself.

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Asking yourself how far you’ve gone and creating time to evaluate your journey so far means that your life is important to you. It further shows that you are taking your self development and advancement seriously. You need to look at every area of your life. Be it spiritual, emotional, finance, relationship, career etc. Just make sure you leave no stone unturned.

Well, its most likely that you didn’t do much in some areas. And if you find out that you are miles away from the you of your dream in all ramifications, that’s not the end of it all. After all, its a mere bend into another six months. That means you have a second Chance. A second Chance to right the wrong and succeed where you have failed. I hope you won’t take the second Chance for granted. The very first step to make the second Chance count is to evaluate yourself properly. Have a great time.

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