How Do You See Spiritual Investment?

Last year, an incident occurred that illustrates how we sometimes treat spiritual investment opportunities or see the need to enjoy instant physical gratification at the expense of future spiritual gain. This is particularly about spiritual investment. So my question to you is simple, how do you see spiritual investment? If you have not been thinking in this direction, its time to begin to channel your thoughts and actions in this direction.

Its interesting to note that we often tell the stories of people who made painful spiritual investment and how it eventually paid off but we don’t consider ourselves doing the same. A story was narrated about how a former president of Nigeria was used as a ransom for church musical instrument payment when he was a child. A lot of clergy men traced his greatness to this. That was not just a spiritual investment, its a painful one.

Another story of a business tycoon in Nigeria was narrated on how he sacrifice his seat for a man of God who was almost late for a ministerial assignment. According to the story, the clergy prayed a simple prayer that day. A lot of people have traced the tycoon’s success to that powerful prayer. It was a spiritual investment. We don’t know what that cost him but it is sure that it cost him something. Success will cost you some form of spiritual investment.

This reminded me of an incident last year. A senior lecturing colleague in the Bible School bought a new mobile phone. It was a good one and I jokingly made an offer to him. It was a simple one, sow the phone to me and I will pray for you for one year. While we laugh about it he suddenly realized it was great offer. He said “I would have released the phone but…” And he was silent. I guess you would have done the same but do you know what it means to be prayed for round the year? Take a little time to think about it.

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When I was doing my industrial training attachment in an Hotel in Ibadan. I witness a scene similar to the above description. One of the front office staff who normally washes guest car for a fee checked in a guest. He had expected to be tipped but he wasn’t. The man wanted to pray for him but that was of no interest to him. Unknown to him, he was a regional overseer of a particular denomination. Even when he was told, he said the money was of more value. Do you agree with him?

Strive to make some spiritual investment. The spiritual still controls the physical. Yours may not be in giving or helping people. You may tarry in prayer, worship etc. Just as much as possible to make some spiritual investment. Make it a lifestyle. If only some had done this years back, its most likely they will have achieve more effortlessly. One brother shared his testimony on how God helped him during an interview. A member of the panel had to call and tell him that its either his parents or him had been a prayer warrior. That means he knew some sacrifices had been made at the altar. Now, its your turn, arise and begin to make spiritual investment.

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