Gate of Heaven (3)

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In furtherance of our discussion on the ‘gate of heaven’ we shall be looking at another dimension of Jacob’s experience on that night. In the first two articles we discussed what the gate of heaven means, the operations that can be derived from its meaning and the activities there. In this piece, we take a look at God’s response in that glorious experience.

In our chosen scripture (Genesis 28:13-22) we observe that at the top of the ladder, God was standing. The standing position of God means a lot theologically. Its a posture God assumes when he wants to do something really important. Remember how Jesus stood to receive Stephen in the book of acts. One may ask, is there anything important here?

God was about to align Jacob with His covenant with his fathers. God introduced Himself as God of Abraham and that of Isaac to show Jacob he has a register for his father and he is yet to be enrolled. At that time, Jacob had not been enlisted, so He wasn’t God of Jacob yet. So God, gave him the same promise he gave Abraham and Isaac because a covenant is in place.

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This is the kind of thing that comes from the gate of heaven. When we talk about covenant, we talk about government and judgment. I stated earlier in the second piece that the place of gate where elder gathered those days is for government and judgment. Its government because covenant dictates how your life must be ordered. Its judgment because failure to compliance will bring a sentence.

Jacob was able to strike a deal with God that night when he woke up. He asked for food and raiment. He offered tithe in return and that he would come back and return the glory to the God of his fathers at the same spot. With this, he was enlisted. And not until he paid his own side of the coin in Genesis 32. The God of Abraham and Isaac never became God of Jacob.

Obviously, every spiritual man that made impact and left a legacy initiated that at the gate of heaven. Abraham got there at mamre, Moses got there on mount Sinai, Paul was in Arabia to mention a few. My question is, have you been to the gate of heaven? The only way to live a life worth living and end well is to live by covenant. But you can’t strike a covenant with God without visiting the gate of heaven. Pray as you are led now and take it very seriously.

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