Few Words For Pastors

Dear Pastor, The last three weeks have been extremely different in ministry. Those who were antagonizing the use of internet for church service must have learnt otherwise. Those who claimed that there’s nothing like e-church must have seen not only that it works but that it is quite effective in […]

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Dear Pastor 5

In furtherance of our discussion on Romans 15:20, it is important that we discuss few things. I invite you to meditate on this same verse especially if you are called into ministry. If you must achieve the great results the Apostles of old achieved, we must study the way look […]

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Dear Pastor (4)

Not long ago I started a series on 2 Timothy 4:1-5. In the last two discussions, we have discussed verses 1 and 2. Endeavour to check the previous discussions so that we can be on the same page in this piece. Today, we will be looking at verse 3 of […]

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Dear Pastor (3)

As I study one of the Pauline epistles, I saw something that caught my attention. It is worth sharing with Pastors. I pray it will not just make sense but it will be a message to you. One that God will use to restore a more apostolic dimension of our […]

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Dear Pastor (2)

Thank you for joining us on this page. I do hope you have read the first part of this article. If you haven’t, please go here to check it out. We shall continue from where we stopped. The charge is taken from 2 Timothy 4:1-5. We have discussed verses 1 […]

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Dear Pastor

As I read one of the notes written by the great Apostle Paul, I am inspired to write these few words. This is strictly for people working in vineyard of the most high God. So, if you’re one of us or know someone that does, please do not hesitate to share with […]

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